How much should I weigh Calculator

How much should You weigh Calculator

Are You Normal Weight, Overweight , Obese ...or Underweight?
Check what You should weigh forYour height with the Interactive BMI calculator below - Input your Weight and Height and click "calculate"

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Weight Calculator. BMI index Calculator

This is an interactive Weight and Height Calculator Based on Body Mass index (BMI) which is a measurement of Your body fat compared to height and weight: Applies to both adult Women and Men.

What does Your BMI tell you?

BMI below 18.5. You are Underweight
BMI 18.5-25. You are normal weight
BMI 25-30 You are overweight
BMI above 30 You are obese

BMI calculations
imperial BMI = Lbs x 703 / inches2 (your inches squared)
metric BMI = Kg / M2 (Your height in meter squared)

Metric BMI calculator at the bottom of the page

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Check Your weight in the
Weight Chart

How to Read the Weight Chart below
Use Your height and weight data and read the Chart to find out What should I weigh and Your weight category: Normal weight, overweight (moderate or severe) or underweight.

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More info about the weight chart above

Chart is based on Your BMI (Body Mass Index) which again is based on Your Weight and Height. The graph is an easy way to show Your optimal weight compared to Your height.
The sectors shown in the weight chart are BMI sectors. A BMI of 18.5-25 is healthy weight. BMI 25-30 is moderate overweight and BMI above 30 is severe overweight (obese).

Your Ideal Weight: A BMI of 22 (right in the middle of the normal healthy BMI range) would be Your Ideal Weight.

Example: How much should You weigh. A 5 5 person weighs 143 lbs and falls into the healthy weight sector and is doing fine. The healthy weight sector for a 5 5 Person is 113-150 lbs. The Ideal weight would be around the middle with a BMI of 22 = 130 lbs.

Normal Healthy weight sector:
To be normal healthy weight You should fall in the healthy weight sector with a BMI between 18.5 and 25.

Moderate overweight sector: If you fall into this sector Your BMI is between 25 and 30 and You are moderate overweight and would need a little weightloss - click here

Severe overweight sector: If You fall into this sector Your BMI is over 30 which is considered severe overweight and Your life is in danger. You NEED to lose weight (Click Here) or your life will be shorter!!
If you weigh above 250 lbs (outside of the chart) you fall in the RED Zone = severe overweight

Underweight sector: When Your BMI is under 18.5 You fall into the underweight sector. You could be just skinny and otherwise healthy ...or you may suffer from a disease. A BMI of 17.5 or less could be a symptom of anorexia eating disorder, which primarily affects adolescent females 15-25 years. About Anorexia/Bulimia

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Why are You OverWeight

Why are You Overweight ?
Simply because Your food is composed in a way that make You STORE FAT and food that contain too much energy (to many calories) AND the wrong kind of calories.... and you do it day after day!

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To lose weight you have several options:

1. You can starve yourself and eat very little food. A bad idea because it is unhealthy to starve and your body will start to "eat" your own muscle-mass. In addition your basal metabolism will drop down. When you start to eat normal you start of with a low metabolism and you will gain the weight you just lost + maybe more.

2. You can continue to eat what you are used to + increase your physical activity. This is a fine way to lose weight and the increased activity is a general health benefit.

3. You can change your eating habits and change the food you consume. By changing Your meals and shift between fatburning and carbohydrate (carb food) ingredients You can manipulate the calories you consume to increase Your metabolism and thus burn more calories and increase fatburning.
In this way you may lose your bellyfat
Without starvation and No excessive exercise.

Explore the weighchart above to find Your Ideal Weight

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Weigh Calculator BMI metric
How much should I weigh calculator metric.
Check your BMI using meter and Kg in the BMI calculator metric. What should I weight calculator

BMI metric how much should I weight calculator above

what should i weigh calculator youtube video

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