How many calories in a lb

How many calories in a lb

To know how many calories in a lb of body fat look here: 

1) One Lb of
body fat contains about 3.500 Cal (Kcal) or 7.72 cal per g.

2) One Lb of pure
fat in food (pure nutritional fat in food) contains 4.082 Cal (Kcal) or 9 Cal per g

Body fat tissue contains a little water, connective tissue and blood vessels and is not pure fat like bacon grease or corn oil. Which means if you want to lose one pound of body fat you should have a deficit of 3.500 cal in your food.

Gain or Lose weight
To gain 1 lb. Eat 3.500 Calories extra. To lose 1 lb. Save 3.500 Calories

To know how many calories should I eat please find the daily calories calculator below.

It is not recommended to have more than 500-1000 cals in deficit per day. It is unhealthy to starve yourself. 500 cals per day in deficit equals 1 lb body fat lost weight per week (500 calls x 7 days = 3.500 cals = 1 lb)

how many calories should I eat
check how many calories you should eat Daily

Input your data and choose Your activity level and to maintain or lose weight - Click Calculate

The daily calorie calculator is based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR) using several factors, including height, weight, age and gender and your activity level. The result shows your daily calorie requirement for maintaining your weight, lose weight or build muscles.

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Are you overweight
Check out the Weight Chart below. It is based on your Weight and Height and Your body mass index (BMI). Input your current weight and height and read the graph.

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Are You overweight? - Why?
Simply because Your food make You STORE FAT instead of burn fat, which results in you are accumulating bodyfat since an excess of calories consumed will be stored as body fat.

It is easy to change your food to a FAT BURNING diet
The FOOD you consume can make you BURN fat or STORE fat. It depend on the food You eat and at what intervals. You are overweight because you consume more calories than you burn and calories are stored as fat. It sounds simple, right?

To lose weight - here's how
By changing your eating habits and the composition of your food you can change the situation so you actually burn more fat.
You should change your meals to a shifting calories scheme which means you shift between fatburning food and carbohydrate food.

If you want to know more on how to lose weight by changing your food, please click the link below ..or simply
Click here 10 RULES of Weight Loss

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Calories & Joule

Calories & Joule
Energy in the food is expressed in calories or Joule
Kilojoules and KiloCalories are used on food packaging to describe the energy content of the food. 1 KiloJoule (KJ) = 4.18 KiloCalories KCal or Cal (KCal and Cal are mixed in daily talking).

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