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Stop Sugar Cravings

Many people suffer from Sugar Cravings they simply NEED sugar or sweets (they think) and are cravings sugar addicted like addicted to a drug and if they don't get sugar they experience withdrawal symptoms. How to STOP Sugar Cravings

Not only can sugar make You FAT but it can make Your life miserable with ups and downs, depressions, tiredness, uncomfortable, bowel disorder and intolerance for other foods making you even more miserable.

The cause of your miserable life is blood sugar highs and lows, water retention in your tissues and irritable bowel with change of the intestinal flora and air-production all because of Your excess sugar consumption.

craving for sugar
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When consuming sugar, Your Blood Sugar level will fluctuate a lot. First the sugar trigger the pancreas to release insulin into the blood stream, which act by transporting sugar into tissue cells, insulin thus removes sugar from the blood - which leaves You with a sub-normal blood sugar level - You feel hungry, tired, exausted, irritable and crave sugar again, which often make you eat a lot of sweets, candy and cake - and You are on a new cycle of Yo-Yo'ing your blood sugar.

how to stop cravings for sugar
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The Truth is: Our Body doesn't NEED pure refined sugar at all!

Our body needs carbohydrates and although pure refined sugar (sucrose) like sugar in sweets, candy, sodas and cakes is carbohydrate, it is a simple sugar
* easily degraded into it's two sugar molecules and absorbed directly into the blood stream triggering these vigorously blood sugar fluctuations.
It is much better for Your body to consume starch which is a complex carbohydrate digested slowly and releasing sugar over several hours resulting in a stable blood sugar level. Starch comes from bread, potatoes, rice and corn.

Once you get rid of sugar and your cravings for sugar your life will be so much better. The best way to kick sugar is a cold turkey, simply avoiding sugar completely, it's not easy the 1st week - I promise You that - but from there on you are doing better and better.

* Sucrose (saccharose) is a simple sugar, a disaccharide consisting of two molecules, one molecule of glucose, grapevine sugar and one molecule of fructose, fruit sugar). Refined sugar, is made from sugar canes, and sugar beet. Corn syrup is another kind of sugar which is composed of simple sugars like glucose and maltose and widely used the same way as sucrose.


9 Tips to avoid Sugar

The amount of sugar that people consume on a daily basis acts as a toxin.
High sugar consumption is one of the primary causes for obesity, blood sugar imbalances and diabetes. If you manage to cut off sugar from your diet, your health will be so much better.

Tip # 1
Don't drink soft drinks. They are bad for your health and Your cravings for sugar and you'll be so much better off sugar. And avoid sugar in coffee and thee. Drop the coke and drink water. Our body don't need coke with sugar (liquid candy) it needs water.
craving for sugar

how to stop cravings for sugar
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Tip # 2
Avoid artificial sweetener
Don't drink diet sodas and avoid artificial sweeteners all together.
Artificial sweeteners basically are fooling you into craving sugary foods so if you are eating food with artificial sweeteners you actually can increase your cravings for sugar.
You do not want to have artificial sweeteners in your diet.

You might think artificial sweeteners are OK to have in your diet but:
1) they increase your appetite
2) they increase your sugar cravings
3) they decrease your fat metabolism.

Tip # 3
Don't buy the Sugary foods. Don't buy sodas, candy, chocolate, sweets and cakes in the first place.
Don't bring it home. Don't have it in Your house and in your car. Don't drive by the places that you know you will buy it.
Keep it out of your home. In the evening when a lot of people have cravings sugar it is easy to walk over and take some. If you don't have it in Your house it is more inconvenient to leave the house to go and buy it.

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Tip # 4
Eat low glycemic foods
The best way to get rid of Your sugar cravings is to cut off sugar from Your diet completely because that's where your cravings are coming from.
High glycemic foods cause the spike in blood sugar followed by a low blood sugar, hunger and sugar cravings.
One of the ways to beat the sugar cravings is by cutting off sugar completely and by eating low glycemic foods.

Tip # 5
Eat fruits
When you have a cravings for sugar take a piece of fruit. Fruits have a low or medium glucemic index and fruit is not going to cause that rush of energy like you are used to from sugar rich food, cakes and dessert. Fruit gives You a more stedy glucose into your blood stream so you're not getting that rush and over time your body will ajust to this and you will want the fruit and not the junk food.

Tip # 6
Eat a good diet and exercise. Your body needs both to function optimally the way it's supposed to for you to be a healthy individual. Exercise not only will keep you fit it actually will help you metabolize and keep the blood sugar stable and it helps Your body to learn to use the energy rather than storing it as FAT. Just because you're eating a diet it doesn't mean that you can leave exercise out of the picture.


Tip # 7
Break the emotional association with sugar rich foods
We associate sugary foods with emotions like happiness, joy, love and romance. For valentines day it's very common for men to buy their girlfriends or wives chocolate or some kind of chocolate candies.
When people are getting together in parties, socializing and having a good time, typically high sugar foods is served. So we associate happiness, joy and love with high sugar foods.
We have to separate the emotions from the food because that's what gets us in trouble because when we are longing for these emotions when we are alone we eat the high sugary foods hoping to achieve these emotions of joy an happiness.
Buy flowers for your girlfriend and buy non-food gifts for children instead of chocolate and candies.

Tip # 8
Taper off
If you aren't able to go off sugar cold turkey, taper off your intake slowly and that will allow you to overcome some of the more intense withdrawal symptoms. For instance if you have a sugar craving and You used to eat a whole chocolate candy bar - next time just eat half of it and the next time you have a craving eat a 4th. of it, so that way you're eating less and less of that high sugar food and eventually your body get used to that lower sugar intake and once you overcome that high sugar diet, Your body will get used to not having sugar and you wont ever need that refined sugar again.

Tip # 9
Don't fall off the wagon!
If you manage to get off your sugar intake either cold turkey way or if you taper off slowly, You should watch out for not to start again because You could very easily begin Your bad habit of sugar eating and Your sugar cravings will start all over again.


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