How many calories in potatoes & carrots

How many calories in potatoes

A potato is the starch rich and edible tuber of the plant Solanum tuberosum. The plant itself as a whole is also called a potato (plant) and belong to the nightshade family.

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Potatoes originate from the Andes region and are believed to be cultivated around 10.000 years ago but were introduced to other parts of the world only around 400 years ago.

Potatoes are now cultivated all around the world with more than thousand cultivars and is the 4th. largest crop after rice, wheat and corn.

The potato contains starch, fibers, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids. A part of the starch comes in a form that is not digested and therefore contributes and works like fibers giving protection to the intestinal surface.

Freezing raw potatoes converts some of the startch to sugars which alters the taste.

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The potato in the Cuisine
The potato is an important part of the cuisines in most parts of the world as Boiled, mashed potatoes, Baked potatoes, french fries, roasted, chips or as ingredient in dishes.
During cooking potatoes alter the starch so they become soft and more digestible.

Potatoes are used for making alcoholic beverages, starch production used as food additive and as animal food.

How many calories in potatoes fact sheet


100 g (3,5 oz)
1 oz (28,35 g)
69 KCal
20 KCal
289 KJ
82 KJ
Fat. g.
0.1 %
Protein g
1.7 %
Carbohydrate total g
15.7 %
- sugars g
1.1 %
- starch g
13.5 %
- dietary fibers g
2.4 %
Water g
81.8 %
Dry matter g
18.2 %

info on potato

Potatoes were brought from Andes (Inca) to europe by spanish conquerers around 400 years ago and cultivation started in europe and later in other parts of the world.

Potatoes were imported to north America from europe and planted in Idaho in 1838. Today potatoes is an important crop in many countries.

potatoe plants
Potato plants can grow up to about 2 ft high and have white or red flowers. The tubers which are the edible part of the plant form in the soil from the roots. The potato tubers are not fruits but a kind of starch storage for the plant. The green parts of the plant and especially the fruits which develope from the flowers are poisonous containing the alkaloid toxin solanine.

Potatoes are propagated vegetatively by planting tubers so called seed tubers or pieces of tubers (the eyes).

Potatoes is a cheap source of calories and nutrients and are grown easily and with high yield and higher yield of calories than most other crops. The plant adapts easily to diverse climates as long as the soil is moist enough for the plants to form the starchy tubers however Potatoes are sensitive to frosts.
Potatoes can be stored up to 12 months under the right conditions.

Potato harvest youtube video

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