How many calories in eggs

How many calories in eggs

Eggs used in cooking and dishes are usually chicken eggs although eggs from other fowl spieces are sometimes used f.ex. quail eggs, duck and goose eggs, gull eggs, roe eggs and even fish eggs like caviar (sturgeon) and salmon eggs.

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Eggs have a very high nutritional value after all a whole new live chicken can develope from an egg. Eggs contain a lot of protein, vitamin A, D, and E and choline which is an important nutrient for brain development, and is an important ingredient for pregnant and nursing women to ensure healthy brain development for the baby.


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Egg white coagulates at temperatures around 145 °F (63 °C) while egg yolk coagulates at a higher temperatures, around 150 °F (66 °C).

The egg white, almumen, contains protein with little fat, and can be used in cooking or the yolks without the egg white can be used alone.


Egg yolk contains most of the fat and witamins and most of the calories.
A large egg yolk contains about 60 Cal (250 kJ) and the egg white contains 15 Cal (60 kJ).

Eggs are generaly concidered very healty although allergies agains eggs are experienced by some people.

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How many calories in Eggs fact sheet. Hardboiled
100 g (3,5 oz)
1 oz (28,35 g)
155 KCal
44 KCal
647 KJ
183 KJ
Fat. g.
10.6 %
Protein g
12.6 %
Carbohydrate total g
1.1 %
- sugars g
- starch g
- dietary fibers g
Water g
75 %
Dry matter g
25 %
1 large (L) chicken egg with shell is around 60 g / 2.1 oz

The yolk contains cholesterol however it is the "good" kind of cholesterol which we actually need and there is no evidence that this kind of cholesterol contributes to arteriosclerosis. The yolk contains most of the egg's calories while egg white contains only a small amount of calories.

Cooked eggs are much more digestible than raw eggs and in addition a cooked egg has zero risk of salmonella if not cross-contaminated.


egg just hatched - chicken born

The color of the yolk depend on the food the egg laying hen is feed on. Dark yellow represents xanthophylls which comes from green plants. So hens allowed to grass will lay eggs with dark yolks. Yellow corn may also give a more yellow yolk.

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How To Raise Egg-Laying hens youtube video

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