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complete guide to calorie shifting diets

Calorie Shifting Diet

If you are eager to get to know a great calorie shifting diet program you might want to take a quick look here: Calorie Shifting diet program

Many of us have tried several weight loss programs only to find out that when we start to eat normal again we gain pounds more quickly than we lost them and perhaps even add some more.
We are getting more and more desperate about finding a program that actually will make us lose weight and keep it there.

You may have heard of calorie shifting diets and wonder what they are. They are good and healthy ways of losing weight, I will explain later and give you a complete guide to calorie shifting, however if you are eager to get to know a great calorie shifting diet you might want to take a quick look here: Calorie Shifting diet program


Why are you overweight and gain weight in the first place
You gain weight simply because you consume more calories than you burn on a daily basis... and you do it day after day ... and the excess calories are stored as bodyfat.

To lose weight you need to consume less calories OR burn more calories and achieve a daily deficit of calories, best without starving, quite simple, right? However not as easy to implement in your life as it sounds.

Why starving diets don't work and are unhealthy
Starving yourself is very unhealthy for your body, You don't get the ingredients and energy You need, consequently your body respond by lowering its basal metabolism to adapt to your starving situation. Your body tries to "save" calories so to speak by lowering its metabolism. A decreased metabolism means you don't burn as many calories as You used to do. Also your body starts to use your musclemass as "food".

The impact on your musclemass means that water and glucogen storage in the musclecells will disappear quickly and the muscles will shrink and later on the muscle tissue will be "eaten" and used as energy. Glycogen is made from blood sugar (glucose) and is the a kind of sugar that muscles use as energy.

When you start to eat normal again you have a lower metabolism and less muscles which means you don't need the same amount of calories as before. Therefore you will gain weight very fast, the first few days from water and glycogen deposition in the muscles later from deposition of body fat.

To lose weight you can choose to

1. Starve yourself which is not a good idea as explained above.

2. Eat the same and do more exercises and physical activities. That is a good way to lose weight and in addition more exercise and physical activity is healthy.

3. Change your eating habits and change the ingredients in your food to a calorie shifting diet alternating fatburning and carbohydrate ingredients which triggers a higher metabolism = you use more calories and start to burn fat.
Please find more info in the
calorie shifting guide below or simple click here
: Guide Calorie Shifting

A Complete guide to calorie shifting diets
The FOOD you eat can make you STORE fat or BURN fat. Your are gaining weight because You consume too many calories and eat food that make you STORE fat instead of burning fat.

By changing the ingredients in your meals and follow a
calorie shifting scheme You can change your food to a fatburning diet that
speeds up your metabolism and you'll finally start to lose your body fat - without starving - without excessive exercise.

The calorie shifting guide presented in the Calorie Shifting diet program recommends

  • 4 meals a day
  • NO starving
  • Calorie Shifting: shifting between fatburning and carbohydrate foods in a certain scheme.
  • Only moderate exercise for example 1 hour walk a day.

Plenty of water is also very important to support your effort to lose weight because water is used in the fatburning process.

Of course you should avoid chips, french fries, sweet sodas and large amount of cakes and sweets as in any diet.

LOSE WEIGHT. Change Your food to a Fatburning diet to burn more calories Click here: GUIDE TO CALORIE SHIFTING DIET

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