Calorie burn Calculators

Calories burned walking, cycling & different activities

Calorie burned Calculators
Calories burned walking, cycling & calories for different activities

How many calories do You burn during the day?

1) find your daily basal calories requirement with the basal calories requirement calculator below.

2) If you do any exercises like walking or running during the day, use the activity calories calculator below to find out how many extra calories you have burned by walking one hour for example.

Add this to your daily basal calories requirement and you will get your total daily calories burned.


How to maintain Your current weight
To keep your current weight you should NOT eat more calories than you burn.

The daily basal calories requirement calculator below shows your daily calories requirement in regards to your weight, age, gender and activity level.

How to Lose weight
To lose weight you should eat LESS calories than you burn. Actually quite simple. To lose weight you can also choose to BURN more calories either by doing more exercise OR by choosing a fatburning diet, look below.

Lose weight without starving
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Calorie burn Calculators
Calories burned for different activities.
Calories burned Walking, calories burned running .. and more

Activity and calories burned
Calories burned calculator for different exercises
Input your weight, Your Activity and duration - click Calculate
Applies to both Women and Men

Calories burned for any activity depend on your weight.
The heavier you are the more calories you'll burn by any activity

The calorie burned Calculator will show You:

calories burned walking
calories burned running / jogging
calories burned cycling
calories burned spinning
calories burned stairclimbing
calories burned sitting (office work)
calories burned watching TV
calories burned sleeping

Calories burned during sleeping and watching TV and other low calories burning activities is part of our daily Basal calories burned.

how many Calories burned Daily Calculator
Your Daily Basal Calories Requirement

This interactive basal Calories requirement calculator
Input Your height, weight, age, gender and activity level and calculate
Your daily calories requirement for maintaining or lose weight

Applies to both Women & Men

Are your overweight? - Check out this Weight Chart

calore burn calculator

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